Video transcript

There are some subjects where students are taken out to do questionnaires or field work, scientific work in the field. It is very important to be inclusive with the student body. We need various methods of assessing as some students cannot go and do what others do in the field. Maybe they cannot access coastal region and work there. Web based virtual field trips can make this accessible to them, and can be used by others before they go into the field. This has been used in the past.
It is important students do not feel they are missing out on a part of the course. Virtual field trips should not replace actual field work but can be useful where a student would otherwise completely miss out.

We brought students to Majorca in September. Some students can climb steep, rocky, terrain and others cannot. So we offered a range of options, all equally weighted. Some students enjoy steep, rocky climbs, but others can do equally valid field work they find more accessible. We prefer to offer a choice than to bring students into an environment where they may not be safe. So we mix and match!